Monday, April 19, 2010

The need to recreate

Wake up, morning chores, go to work, come back home, evening chores, dine and sleep seems to be the customary routine for many individuals these days. One could settle for this, given that we are machines and not ‘Homo sapiens’. But our origins have a great effect that guides our physical and mental intuitiveness although suppressed by the aforesaid lifestyle.

The consequences are not so lovely. From stress to Gastritis, Cholesterol to Diabetes, failed marriages to suicides, etc., a very lengthy list can be compiled. So what’s the solution? Back to the Stone Age? Or is there a compromise? In fact, there’s more than a compromise if one thinks of it as a necessity. We need to find a way to balance our way of life with these hectic routines. This is how the concept of recreation has come about.

As the term implies, it’s all about re-creating a ‘demolished’ or ‘damaged’ person. Recreation is mainly two-fold; physical and mental. But the trend and usage is more towards the physical aspect. This although shouldn’t be misinterpreted, because one’s physical vigour effects his/her state of mind and vice-versa. The physical approach is more popular and easily cultivated as it has always been throughout the history of mankind. For example, a layperson will often prefer listening to a meditative melody instead of actually meditating; even though the latter’s result is direct and much rewarding.

Recreational activities are multi-pronged which includes sports (individuals/teams), gym workouts, jogging, indoor/outdoor activities, and even less considered areas such as aesthetics, yoga, massage therapy, etc. The list is diverse and extensive. If you are into sports it could either be individualistic such as swimming or a team sport or both. While the former improves self-confidence greatly, the latter will enhance team skills. Moreover, some sports could be played indoors or outdoors as well (i.e. Carom, Table Tennis). Your choice of sport can be chosen depending on your schedule, available partners, access to equipment and facilities etc. For the loner who prefers minimalism a daily jogging session is ideal, if not he/she could always opt for a gym.

Another form of recreation is the outdoor activities such as travelling, hiking/mountaineering, boat riding, etc. These are extremely popular among westerners too. Some even go for extreme adventure such as bungee jumping or white-water rafting. Travelling in general is a hugely appreciated way of seeking the much looked-for difference in our everyday life, but should be combined with another since of its less frequency and the time needed. Currently, more and more people are in search of spiritual techniques for the easing and healing of conditions such as stress and anxiety. The popularity of Yoga is a result of this. It has the ability of affecting one’s physique and mental well-being.

There are numerous other ways of engaging yourself in recreational activity other than what’s stated here. An important thing that needs mentioning is, if you are new to any of this or planning to start on any, make sure to learn, train, or be accompanied by trained and experienced individuals since otherwise you could end up in a great mess.

The inevitable question most of us have is, ‘Ok, I see & know the importance. BUT how am I going to find time for this?’ I have a question as the answer for this. Do you want to live a healthy and satisfactory life? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you’ll find the time. It takes only a bit of will and skilful time management.

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